Premium Water delivered to your doorstep…

Rocwell’s delivery network spans a wide range of customers across a variety of sectors including Airlines, Cash & Carries, Symbol Groups, Multiples, Hospitals, Government buildings, Foodservice/catering and Hospitality.

Rocwell distributes its products worldwide and works closely with distribution partners. Through Rocwell’s sub-contracting arrangements, Rocwell can offer water cooler services to England, Scotland and Wales.

Rocwell operates it own fleet of modern vehicles, but also uses external distributors for larger orders where required and to service certain contracts. By utilizing this mix of distribution options, this allows Rocwell’s own fleet to service customers who require extra time and attention for merchandising, customer service and water cooler sanitisation.

Rocwell has depots in Belfast and Dublin, which allows for efficient and effective distribution throughout major cities and the island of Ireland . Rocwell also supplies bottled water to larger symbol groups and multiples, which have their own distribution networks. A number of distributors in ROI are able to supply Rocwell to smaller outlets, ensuring all routes are covered that are not typically covered by Rocwell’s internal delivery routes.