Emergency Water

Water when you're in need

Rocwell supply emergency water to groups throughout Ireland & UK. Rocwell can provide emergency bottled water in 2L or 5L size, which can be privately labelled with emergency contact information or other details as required on the label.

Alternatively, Rocwell also provide a palletised bulk 1000l flexitank option similar to water bowsers. These are used widely at festivals were water supply is limited or areas were there has been a sudden water shortage, our 1000L flexitank option can be dispatched same day for rapid response.

  • Our 1000L Flexitanks solution is a convenient drinking water supply which is used on sites and events that require rapid delivery of mineral drinking water.
  • Flexitank has an outer cardboard packaging to protect inner flexitank.
  • Our product is fully recyclable and easy to separate the container and flexitank.
  • Next day delivery throughout Ireland.
  • Our 1000L Flexitanks is an economical option for rapid response or short-term requirements one-way delivery system greatly reduces costs.
  • Delivery is made by our own distribution or we can also send via our transport partners.
  • Full water analysis and certificate results with each flexitank