Premium Quality Water

Rocwell’s water source was the first in Northern Ireland to obtain “Natural Mineral Water” status under the stringent EU and Irish Directives and the UK and NI Mineral Water Regulations. The source has low levels of sodium and is one of the lowest nitrates level ever recorded in bottled water, at less than 0.01mg per litre. The low sodium levels within Rocwell water makes it suitable for those on a low sodium diet, while nitrates at high levels are known to be noxious and to hold links with brain damage, heart attacks, blue baby syndrome and many other health risks. Rocwell are proud to be recognised as one of the highest quality mineral waters.

The water source has to satisfy the requirements of the Natural Mineral Water Regulations.

  • Must be water from a natural spring
  • Production is strictly regulated
  • Must comply with stringent standards
  • Must originate from a dedicated rock strata
  • Must be naturally free from pollution, contamination and harmful micro-organisms
  • Must be stable in mineral analysis and composition
  • Must be stable in temperature
  • Must be bottled at source
  • Must be fitted with tamper evident closures
  • Must contain minerals
  • Characteristics and purity of the water at source must be maintained unchanged until consumption