Taking Care Of Your Cooler

Cooler Care and Maintenance

Proper Bottle Installation

Prior to lifting a new bottle onto the cooler, it should be examined to ensure that there is not more than 20ml (approx) of water in the water-guard well. This would reduce the risk of any air locks.

WARNING: Full Weight 19.5 KG (Approx). If you decide to lift:

  1. Peel off the safety label from the top of the bottle cap

  2. If lifting from the floor, find a comfortable position to hold the bottle ensuring that your back is straight and your knees are bent.

  3. Keep your back straight as you slowly lift the bottle to a standing position.

  4. Rotate the bottle until it is lined up directly over the cooler position.

  5. Keeping the bottle straight and ensuring that hands are kept away from the curved surface of the bottle, push down until it clicks into the cooler opening.

  6. If you are unsure of proper manual handling, please speak to your Health and Safety Officer.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. You should keep areas around the cooler free from dirt and rubbish

  2. You should not put any liquid other than Rocwell Natural Mineral Water into the cooler

  3. You should clean the drip tray once a week using mild soap and water

  4. Always ensure the drip tray does not overfill

  5. You should not leave the cooler without a bottle fitted

  6. You should keep the cooler exterior clean using mild soap and water (do not use bleach or any other cleaning agents containing bleach or chlorine)

  7. You should not expose the cooler to direct sunlight

  8. You should not locate the cooler next to a radiator

  9. You should not use the cooler as a shelf for plants or objects

  10. You should not attempt to move a cooler with a bottle in place

  11. You should ensure the water cooler is an upright position at all times

  12. To take care of the water bottles (see below)

Care of Water Bottles

  1. All bottles should be used in rotation (first in first out) to ensure a continuous fresh supply

  2. Ensure that all bottles are kept clean

  3. Do not store bottles in direct sunlight or close to a radiator

  4. Do not write or draw on any part of the bottle

  5. Any bottles damaged whilst on site will result in the loss of the bottle deposit

  6. All bottles should be stored in a clean environment

Common Cooler Problems and Solutions

Problem A – Leaking Water

  • Cause 1 – Drip Tray

Is the drip tray overflowing? (Remove tray and empty)

  • Cause 2 – Bottle

Are there any visible cracks on the bottle? (Remove bottle and leave for collection in a suitable area)

  • Cause 3 – Taps

Are the taps screwed in tightly?

  1. Remove the bottle, drain all the water from the taps

  2. Unscrew taps from the cooler

  3. Ensure that all parts of the tap are fitted tightly together

  4. Screw the tap back onto the cooler

  5. Do not overtighten the taps

If the cooler continues to leak, call us for a Rocwell engineer to visit (may incur a fee).

Problem B – No Water Coming from the Taps

  • Cause 1 – Bottle Label

Was the protective label peeled from the top of the cap before the bottle was installed?

  • Cause 2 – Air Filter Blocked

If the Air Filter was to become wet, no air would be able to enter the bottle to displace the water being taken from the bottle. Therefore no water can be dispensed.

  1. Take off the bottle

  2. Using a clean towel, remove any water that has leaked into the cooler and around the air filter.

  3. Take out the air filter and shake until dry. Once fully dried, replace filter and bottle.

  • Cause 3 – Cooler Freezing

It could be that your cooler is frozen preventing water dispensing.

  1. Turn the cooler off and leave it defrost overnight.

  2. Drain the water from the cooler and call an engineer.

Problem C – Water Not Chilling

Can you hear the Cooler Chilling?

  • Cause 1 – Power

  1. Is the power lead tightly inserted into the back of the cooler? Is the power lead switched on at the mains? Check the socket for power by plugging in something else that you know to be working.

  • Cause 2 – Fuse

  1. The fuse in the coolers power lead plug may have blown.

If none of the above, call for a Rocwell Engineer at (028) 8775 8306. Rocwell do not accept liability for any injuries sustained whilst taking care of your cooler, be that lifting equipment or carrying out electrical work or anything else related to this.